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Coach Bus Charters

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About Us

We are fully insured and D.O.T. certified. We can be trusted to give excellent customer service, absolutely safe, at a reasonable price.


  • Senior Citizens’ Organizations
  • Airport/Cruise Ship Transfers
  • Family Reunions
  • Sporting Events
  • Tours (Local and Over-the-Road)
  • School Field Trips
  • Church Groups
  • Shopping Trips

Contact Information

Zion Hill Coach Bus Office: (318) 449-1809, Church Office (318) 767-0106.

Bus Usage Policies and Procedures

General Rules

  • All groups using the bus should be familiar with and abide by these policies and procedures.
  • All persons must conduct themselves as to be a glory to the Lord and Zion Hill Church.
  • Videos and audios used on the bus must not have an “R” or “X” rating. Headphones must be used for personal audio/video devices.
  • The church is not responsible for personal items left on bus.
  • *****Users are responsible for keeping the bus interior clean.*****
  • Repair to the bus interior or exterior caused by damages will be billed to the offender of the group using the bus.
  • Each group must have a responsible adult designated as a group leader.
  • Safety of the group is always first consideration.
  • The leader is primarily responsible for group conduct.
  • The driver is the final authority on all matters related to the operation, routing and use of the vehicle(s).
  • Passenger capacity is limited to available seating on the bus. No standing or sitting in aisle permitted.
  • No possession, consumption or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, weapons or tobacco (in any form) is permitted on bus.
  • Food and beverages may be used on the buses but proper disposal is required.
  • No tape of any kind is to be used to affix signs to the exterior of the bus.
  • Nothing is to be written on or affixed to the windows.
  • No installation or modification of equipment in the bus is permitted, including televisions, audit equipment, etc.
  • There will be a 3 bag limit on luggage. 2 under the bus and 1 carryon.

Bus Requests for Charters and Ministries

  • Zion Hill Church bus must be driven by Zion Hill approved drivers as noted below.
  • Request for bus usage must be made through the Zion Hill Church office.
  • All requests must include “Bus Request” Form.
  • Get form from the church office and enter your request date and a detailed itinerary at least 2 months prior to departure date. Indicate any special needs, e.g., medical disabilities, on the form. The itinerary and bus policy statement must be signed and dated by the traveling organization head and the Zion Hill bus administrator.
  • Zion Hill requires a non-refundable deposit (10%) to hold a reservation. No personal checks. There is no refund if the bus comes back early. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay for all parking fees and tolls. Final payment is due 20 days in advance of the trip. Trips may be cancelled at any time. If a trip is cancelled prior to 14 days before departure, then all funds, except the deposit will be returned. If the trip is cancelled less than 14 days before departure, then only 50% of the total funds will be refunded.
  • Requests are handled on a first come – first serve basis.
  • Form must provide as much detail as possible for event to be approved.
  • Any missing information must be included prior to 30 days from the trip.
  • Bus drivers will be assigned for each trip.
  • Extended term trips may require flying drivers to and from destination(s). Expenses for these flights are the responsibility of the ministry group organizing the trip.


  • The church does not guarantee arrival and departure from any point at a specific time, but will endeavor to maintain the schedule submitted. If any act of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, perils of the schedule, riots, strikes, the hazards or dangers incident to a state of war, accidents, breakdowns, poor conditions of the road due to storms, construction or other reasons beyond the church’s control make it in the opinion of the church inadvisable to operate the bus either from the place of origin or to any other point on the route, the church shall not be responsible for any damages that result from the cancellation or delay.

Passenger Log

  • A master list of all individuals riding on the bus must be made prior to the trip.
  • List should include all passengers.
  • A total number of passengers must be available prior to the day of the trip.
  • The master list must be used to determine who is on each bus prior to departure by checking them off as they board.
  • The original of that list must be kept on the bus and a copy must be kept by the leader traveling with the group.
  • Headcounts must be used to confirm attendance after stops, and must be done by the bus group leader and one other adult, and confirmed with each other and the list prior to departure.
  • All buses must confirm headcount with the primary leader.
  • The bus drivers will not be involved in the passenger count. It is the group leader’s responsibility.

Passenger Guidelines

  • Groups consisting of riders under 21 years old must have two responsible adult chaperones/counselors on the bus. One must sit in the back and the other close to the front.
  • Groups consisting of males and females must have at least one responsible adult chaperone/counselor of each sex on the bus.
  • Control of passengers’ actions is the responsibility of the minister or group leader; however, the driver has final authority if he or she believes those actions endanger the bus or passengers for any reason.

Drivers Accommodations

  • Zion Hill Church drivers are licensed by the state and meet all requirements to drive.
  • Accommodations must be paid by the charter group, and lodging should be private.
  • Event cost for the driver should be covered.
  • Expenses for each driver will include a set fee for driving. For Zion Hill Ministries, the driver’s fee is $75.00 per day for trips over a 60 mile radius.
  • The fee for drivers for outside agencies is $175.00 per day and will be included in the total amount charged for chartering the bus.

Drivers – State Regulations

  • The Department of Transportation sets limits for the amount of time drivers may be “on duty” and behind the wheel.
  • The “on duty” limit is 15 hours out of 24 hours.
  • The driving limit is 10 hours out of 24 hours with 8 hours off duty.
  • An assumption must be made that drivers have 2 hours of prep time in before the start of any trip that count toward their “on duty” hours.
  • Any road trip that may be in excess of 10 consecutive driving hours requires multiple drivers.
  • When multiple drivers are used, a 4 hours on, 4 hours off system may be used, but seats must be allocated as bunks for the drivers.
  • Bus drivers have the right and responsibility not to start the trip if they cannot complete it under the limits.
  • Late departures can throw them over, so on time departures must be adhered to.

Drivers Qualifications

  • Must hold an active Louisiana commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • Must be at least 25 years of age, but not older than 70.
  • Must have a clean driving record.
  • Must stay current on medical requirements and drug testing.
  • Must have been approved through Zion Hill Church ministry.
  • Zion Hill Church ministry reserves the right to deny anyone Zion Hill Church driver approval for any reason.

Drivers Responsibility

  • To keep all licensing requirements up to date.
  • To have advance planning of the route of the trip in conjunction with the sponsoring ministry or trip leader.
  • To maintain a log book approved by the Department of Transportation.
  • To perform pre and post-trip inspections and complete the inspection form.
  • Inspection reports should be kept on the bus with a copy going to Administration.
  • Pre-trip inspections should be completed with adequate time to facilitate the correction of problems found.
  • Confirm safety equipment is stored at all times in its prescribed location.
    • Fire Extinguisher  Under 1st seat- right side
    • Safety Triangles  Inside luggage bay- top right corner
    • Tire Chains    In tool bay
    • Shovel      Rear of luggage compartment
    • First Aid Kit     3rd overhead - driver’s side
    • Flashlight      Drivers responsibility to furnish each trip
  • No audio devices with headphones or earplugs covering both ears permitted while driving.
  • The church shall be responsible for the expenses related to the bus. The driver is responsible for arranging for payments of these expenses using the church credit card.
  • To maintain records and receipts for bus fuel and maintenance.
  • To be in authority if actions on or around the bus endanger the equipment or riders.
  • To dump restroom at the conclusion of the trip and replace service chemicals.
  • To make recommendations concerning the maintenance and improvements to the bus to the church ministry.
  • If the leader does not follow safety or discipline requirements for the safe operation of the bus, the driver is to submit an incident report to the administrator.

Any questions on these policies and procedures can be made to the Bus Ministry Administrator.

Download PDF for Coach Bus Request Form

Coach Bus Request Form
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